Middle School offers diversity, excellence and equal opportunities to all students. We aim to inspire our students to become lifelong learners with curious and intrusive minds. We want them to learn to inquire, think, reflect and discuss; ask eloquent questions, listen with an open mind and learn the skills needed to find solutions and solve problems for themselves. Above all, we want them to enjoy themselves and to be participative, responsible, respectful citizens of their class, school and society.

We struggle to help them improve their natural tools for learning so that their potential is revealed to the maximum. To succeed in achieving the desired goal, we would need not only the devotion and dedication of the teachers, but also the total commitment of the child, as well as the fullest cooperation of the parents.
The subjects offered at Middle School include: English, Mathematics, General Science, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, and Arts.

A variety of Co-curricular activities such as Debates (English & Urdu), Recitation (English & Urdu), Qira`t, Quiz competition, Essay writing (English & Urdu), Hand writing (English & Urdu) are held on a regular basis.