Holiday Policy



Attendance at all classes is compulsory at the LS and students are expected to be in class on time. It is the belief of the LS Board of Directors, administrators and faculty that attendance is an important aspect of student learning and should be reflected in student assessment. Regular attendance is essential for learning, asking questions, receiving course material, developing social skills, participating in extracurricular activities and to increase responsibility and accountability of students. Responsibility for contacting teachers, collecting assignments, completing coursework and submitting completed assignments rests with the students themselves. Other than for absences due to extended illness, travel and other legitimate reasons, students are expected to complete their missed work the next time they return to class. If the absence is deemed to be unexcused, students will not receive a credit for incomplete or missing work. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to arrange all non-emergency appointments during free blocks, after school, on weekends or during the summer or school holidays in order to minimize the loss of time for learning. Extended holidays are considered unexcused absences. If it is necessary for a student to be absent, their parent or guardian must call the school after 7.30 am or send a note to notify the school of the absence.



    Please note the following:

  1. A student may miss up to five (5) school days in a quarter provided that the absent is supported by a parent’s or guardian’s note providing adequate reasons for the absence. Absents are not cumulative from quarter to quarter.
  2. The Principal may excuse any absence when good cause is shown and may ask for the provision of any appropriate supporting documentation.
  3. A student’s quarterly grade in each course will be reduced by 1% for every absence above the five (5) allowed in a quarter.
  4. All coursework and assignments missed by a student due to an absent must be completed within one week of their return to school.
  5. Any student who is late to class by more than 15 minutes will be marked as absent for that class.